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2020-2021 Travel Registration

Click on the link below to register for the upcoming 2020-2021 IDHA season!


Tryout fees for all players: $250

League fees:

Squirts: $4,250

Pee wees: $4,500

Bantams: $4,600

U16s: $4,900

U18s: $4,900


  1. The Governor has placed hockey in the high-risk category starting 8/15. Hockey can only have practices and conditioning.  How does this affect the IDHA?

We know this fluid situation can change at any time. We have spoken to many other clubs and no one thinks games will be allowed for a few months. Hopefully things will stabilize and we can move forward with games sooner.

  1. Do you think there will be games?

Eventually, yes, we hope there will be games later this season. The IDHA has grown over the years and has enough teams at each level to provide competitive scrimmages. We have discussed that the coaches will work together to provide a competitive controlled environment.

  1.  Can parents watch from the stands?

The club and the rink prefer that parents continue to respect boundaries, wear masks and do not enter the building unless necessary. We understand that the youngest players may need assistance and that is fine. Please be sure to have your mask on at all times and remember to social distance. Just as a reminder Glacier Ice Arena has LiveBarn and excellent wi-fi to watch from the parking lot or anywhere you can find a signal…which should be just about anywhere.

  1. With no games how will it be fun for our players?

As crazy as these times are, kids need an outlet for physical activity and social normalcy. Just coming to the rink and getting on the ice is a moving in a positive direction. Our coaches will do a great job with skill development and making it fun to come to the rink.     

  1.  Thinking about fees, what should be expected?

The IDHA provides a high level of professional coaches and the cost of ice fees. Our on-ice and off-ice training is excellent and develops many individual, team and social skills. The life lessons of working hard and to get along in a team environment are so valuable to learn as young players. These lessons will carry forward as they grow into young adults. Unless or until games and tournaments are allowed there will not be a need for coach’s expenses or slush funds. We will continue to provide the same amount of ice time as a regular season and hope games and tournaments will resume sooner than expected.

The IDHA has a close family bond and we need to lean on each other and provide a positive path to development and fun this season. We appreciate each and everyone of our families and want all to love the greatest sport on the planet!

Ice Dog Players & Families –

First, we hope this letter finds you and your family in the best health and spirits as we continue a path forward battling the Covid-19 Pandemic.  We understand families are under an enormous amount of pressure when it comes to their health, employment, scholastic requirements, and of course athletics.

On July 29th, Gov. J.B Pritzker made an announcement regarding youth sport guidelines that rattled the athletic community.  These additional guidelines separated recreational sports by the level of “risk” identified and unfortunately, hockey was listed as a higher risk.  So what does that mean?  It does NOT prevent teams/players from participating in tryouts, practices and necessary conditioning programs.  However, it does temporarily exclude youth programs from participating in sanctioned games due to the level of contact. 

The announcement did not provide any clarity as to when these programs can resume game play.  Like all hockey organizations, we are waiting for additional guidance from AHAI and NIHL.  This is a very fluid situation and we can tell you the information we receive is changing daily.  Rest assured we are exploring every option available to us.

The IDHA has already secured a significant amount of ice time, procured new uniforms, warmups, as well as helmet and car stickers as we rolled out our new IDHA logo.  Again, we want to stress that this does not prevent players/teams from practicing and conditioning, which are integral to the game of hockey.

As we move into the coming 2020/21 season we feel that it is important to address the possibility of Covid-19 impacting the season ahead.  The IDHA staff and coaches are planning for an exciting season.  When we assess our season, we estimate approximately 40 games and 60 practices during the season.  This equates to 100 hours of ice sessions split between games and practices.  As we have seen, Covid-19 has temporarily interrupted our game play scenario; however, it is imperative we recognize that the IDHA is committed to delivering services that improve the performance of our athletes.    

As our typical season runs September 1st through March 1st, there have been discussions between AHAI/NIHL to delay the start of the season.  Because we cannot control the State of Illinois’ mandate regarding game play, we view our commitment to our players by providing at least 100 hours of ice time.  As a result, 100 ice sessions could be made up of 40 games/60 practices, 20 games/80 practices…etc. 

As we continue to monitor the “Restore Illinois” policies and AHAI/NIHL regulations, be assured any new developments will be communicated through our various social media platforms.

Zac Adams


Ice Dog Hockey Association

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